Oud nieuws / Old news

Oud nieuws / Old news

Oud nieuws / Old news

Nr•5 of the minizine series 🗞 

‘Oud nieuws/Old news’ is a compilation of old works by famous artists, put in a new jacket.

I love oxymorons and how they play with the boundaries of language and reality.

Handmade, silkscreened small booklet, art zine, drawing, illustration, modigliani, Rodin, Wittgenstein, Philosophy, language, oxymoron, paradox
silkscreen, screenprint
Edition of 50, numbered and signed in pencil 
Size : around 15cm x 11cm

Each work is homemade. Because I make all prints by hand, in limited editions, it can cause variations in each work. In a way, this makes every piece unique.

Sofie Joossen